DYSMANTYL’s mission is to build better workplaces and stronger communities. We welcome passion. We welcome curiosity. We welcome you.


DYSMANTYL is a digital platform dedicated to addressing racism as a public health crisis.  Our focus is supporting positive attention and positive action to build a better world.  DYSMANTYL provides guidance and inspiration to dismantle structural or incidental obstacles to a fair world.  We give you the tools to build opportunity within your community.

DYSMANTYL centers equity as a lifetime pursuit that requires ongoing engagement.  Our personalized plans reduce confusion, inaction, and perceived difficulty.  The building blocks we use for better workplaces and communities are time, initiative, and financial support.  DYSMANTYL shines a light on the immense power of collective change (from discussion to direct civic action) that is at our individual fingertips.

DYSMANTYL supports anyone looking to start or continue their journey to dismantle equity barriers.  Our mobile application leverages data to drive meaningful change in black and minority communities.


DYSMANTYL revolutionizes and advances intelligence for evaluating progress in the fight against racism.  Our customized plans are personally tailored to give users accountability and inspiration.  Our specific goals include:

  1. Increased awareness of our collective responsibility to counteract racism
  2. Improved community outcomes for the systemically marginalized
  3. Improved workplace outcomes for the systemically marginalized

DYSMANTYL believes that all of us are able to take affirmative steps to allocate time, initiative, or financial support.   While we acknowledge this can be an exciting challenge, we fervently believe this is as feasible as streamlining efforts toward physical fitness or personal financial goals.  We enable confident data driven decisions and provide accountability to quantify goals, milestones, and baselines. 

It is our goal to not only be the first to market with this type of product but also provide an effective solution in the quest for a better tomorrow.